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Nation of Misguided Teenagers

Nation of Misguided Teenagers

by Eitan Isaacson, crossposted at his blog. “I still don’t understand what I did wrong. Seriously, I don’t understand!” Eden said during a morning radio interview after pictures of her posing next to blindfolded Palestinian detainees were found on her Facebook page. Of course she doesn’t understand, she spent “the best years” of her life serving in an army of occupation, immersed in a culture that is blind to the … Read entire article »

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Massacre, with a smile

A few days ago we learned about Eden Aberjil, an Israeli woman who posted pictures on her Facebook account of her abusing bound Palestinian prisoners at the time of her military service. The picture is captioned ‘Army service, the most wonderful time of my life!’ The controversy reached the New York Times, where Aberjil defended herself. She said that the “pictures were taken in good will, there was no statement in them.” According to the Times, she added that they were not intended to humiliate the prisoners but merely to document her “military experience,” and that she had no idea they “would be problematic.” The IDF response is what you would expect. According to Breaking the Silence, an organization of Israeli veterans that collects testimonies: Unsurprisingly, the I.D.F. spokesman released a ’shocked’ … Read entire article »

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