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On Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s release

On Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s release

By Rebecca Vilkomerson Video of Adeeb Abu Rahmah being released On a personal note, I remember very clearly the weekend that Adeeb was arrested. I was still living in Israel, and a friend from Anarchists Against the Wall was arrested with him.  This friend was detained for over 24 hours, blindfolded, etc.  This was fairly harsh treatment for a Jewish Israeli, and he told me all about it on our way to visit Tristan Anderson. It’s still amazing … Read entire article »

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In the name of the father: Israel arrests 16 year-old son of imprisoned protest organizer

From the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee In yet another nighttime raid on the village of Bil’in, soldiers stormed Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s house and arrested his sixteen year old son At 2:30 AM this morning Israeli forces entered the village of Bil’in in armored military jeeps and by foot, and proceeded to surround the home of jailed organizer, Adeeb Abu Rahmah. A group of masked soldiers forcefully entered the house without showing a warrant, and arrested Adeeb’s only son, 16 year old Mohammed. Since his father’s arrest 17 months ago Mohammed serves as the family’s sole provider. Soldiers escorting the bound and blinfolded Mohammed into a military jeep. Picture credit: Hamde Abu Rahmah During the raid, soldiers violently tried to prevent photographers from filming the raid, beating up local cameraman, Haitham Khatib and causing damage … Read entire article »

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