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Videos of women protestors and other recommended Egypt sources.

One of my sources sends the following recommendation for on-the-ground reports from Egypt.

Here are three of the many women of the Egyptian Revolution – that will counter some of those images of passive Muslim women. Change in the Middle East is being pushed forward by women like Mona, Asma, Sarah, etc., too, and they are not few. There are many more women who are actively shaping the revolution,  who are blogging, twittering, writing, vlogging etc. about it here, and who have been working for years for this change, but here are three for now:

Asma is said to have triggered this revolution through her vlog – which is not that she is the source of  it. Either way, it’s a strong video.

Mona has been in Tahrir non-stop, even though they kidnapped/”detained” her father for days (he is out now). Only on February 5th did she leave the square for a bit. This message was recorded on January 31st, it seems. Both before and after, she kept posting really encouraging, inspiring and inspired messages.

Sarah (half-British) is – and has been for years – one of the very few journalists and photographers that has covered activism and workers movements in Egypt from the ground. In the past, she has repeatedly been harrassed for her work.Check out her pictures and her Inanities blog and her twitter feed @sarahcarr.

If you are looking for other good sources, please read:

or check out the following on twitter:

@ alaa
@ajenglish (Al Jazeera English)

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