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Video: Israeli Soldiers Violently Evict Hebron House

From the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Tuesday, 3 April 2012 “Youth Against Settlements’” Badia Dweik: “While we were violently evicted, the army treats settlers with kid gloves.” While Israeli PM and his ministers scramble to prevent the eviction of a Palestinian-owned house in Hebron that was taken over by Jewish settlers last week, a video documenting the violent eviction of Palestinian activists from a nearby house owned by the Hebron municipality two days ago, shows extensive use of force. The eviction, which took place on Sundayy in the Old City of Hebron, was carried out by a large force of Israeli Border Police officers. During the eviction, the force heavily employed the use of tear-gas and a foul smelling liquid called “The Skunk”. Additionally dozens were physically assaulted, with at least five of the … Read entire article »

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