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UPDATED with Video and more Commentary: Israel Settlers Nearly Lynch Activists with Police Looking on.

I was waiting a few days as the disturbing emails piled my inbox, trying to wrap my head around them and think what angle to bring this story from. To Hell with my angle. These are activists who’ve seen a lot over the years, staring down police brutality in Sheikh Jarrah (East Jerusalem), and enduring settler and military violence all across the West Bank. But this time, they say, was different. A palpable fear of death. So let’s hear it from them: (note: in Israeli discourse the word “lynch” has a different connotation, and denotes any violent mob assault) Were you ever at a lynching? Were you ever someplace where an unbridled mob was beating you and your friends and then chasing you to beat you again? Were you ever the victim of … Read entire article »

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Palestinian Teenager Shot, Apparently By Settler

Palestinian Teenager Shot, Apparently By Settler

From the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee. Aysar Yasser a-Zaben, 16 years old, was shot in his back yesterday evening in his family’s lands in Mazra’a al-Sharqiya, east of Ramallah, apparently by a settler. Aysar al-Zaben’s body was found in his plot by family members only hours after he was shot. He was found lying dead on the ground, face down, with a bullet hole in his back after being missing since the … Read entire article »

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