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Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2 getting ready to sail

Here’s a video of two of the activists aboard, courtesy of Democracy Now! The Only Democracy? will bring you posts from Gabe Schivone, a Jewish Voice for Peace member aboard the “Audacity of Hope.” Here he is being interviewed by the Arizona Republic about his globe-spanning border activism. And here is a recent op-ed by Schivone, who also is active with the border rights group No More Deaths. Crossposted from Israel’s harassment of US-Mexico border human rights activist raises many questions On May 16, a 19-year-old American student from a Southwest university was stopped by Israeli security agents and held for several hours as she attempted to enter the occupied Palestinian West Bank with 17 other schoolmates and two professors. At one point in a grueling interrogation that lasted until 2 am, she was … Read entire article »

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