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Letter from an Israeli military prison

Letter from an Israeli military prison

from Abdallah Abu Rahmah. Ed’s Note: As I participated in the December 10th TIAA-CREF Day of Action on Human Rights Day, I felt I had gained a new holiday to my calendar. At the end of the day, as I was unwinding, I received this letter from imprisoned leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah over email, and saw it posted at sites such as Huffington Post. It is a common observation among those of us who work for … Read entire article »

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Photo Quiz: Can you identify the military prison?

Last week as I drove to Ofer Military Prison in the West Bank to attend a hearing of  Abdallah Abu Rahma from Bili’in, it struck me that most people driving past these huge walls on their commute to Jerusalem don’t realize they are driving past a prison. That’s actually not surprising considering the concrete landscape of the west bank. Take the quiz for yourself and see how you do: Which of these photos is the a Military Prison in the Occupied Territories? … Read entire article »

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