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Hass: IDF Preventing Cars of Israeli Activists From Entering West Bank Villages

We have been posting articles about the participation of Israeli human rights activists in protests against the Wall in villages such as Bi’lin and Nai’lin.  Today, Amira Hass reports that Israeli Defense Forces have recorded the license plates of these protesters, and are using the information to bar their entry through checkpoints.   A document was presented to a number of left-wing activists during the last three demonstrations. The activists were forbidden from crossing the Rantis checkpoint on their way to the two villages. In the document entitled “Data of vehicles used by left-wing Israeli activists and anarchists to reach demonstrations in Na’alin and Bil’in,” registration numbers of 11 vehicles are listed. Advertisement   The activists assume that the details were sent to the IDF by police who were present at recent demonstrations. Shai Gorsky, one … Read entire article »

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