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Declaration of Human Rights Too “Problematic” for Israeli Schoolchildren

In a related post, below, we learned about the militarization of education for Israeli children, including homework sheets filled with sketches  of tanks and other weaponry as a method of learning to count and be  indoctrinated at the same time.  Now we learn that  the same  Israeli Department of Education which promoted the militarization of schools  has taken quick action to keep certain rights enumerated in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights from troubling the minds of settler children. The Ariel municipality had bought as gifts for kindergarten children in the settlements hundreds of copies of the book, “We are all Born Free–the Human Rights Declaration in Pictures.” The book was published in a prestigious edition together with the Amnesty organization.  Among the dozens of pages are 30 illustrations by leading world artists, who were asked to simplify the sections of the declaration to … Read entire article »

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