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The Deadly Fires: Israel’s Katrina?

The Israeli authorities announced Sunday night that the fire ranging in the Carmel hills since Thursday, Israel’s most devastating fire on record, is now under control. An even worse disaster was averted. The fire did not seriously spread into Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city, or its suburb Tirat HaCarmel. The main reason for the unacceptably high death toll, estimated at 40+ persons – far larger than any single terror attack on Israelis since 1978 – was irresponsibility in sending unprepared unprotected personnel right into the fire, esp. one tragic bus of prison-service cadets. Will this disaster open Israelis’ eyes like Hurricane Katrina did for many Americans? Some obvious questions are, how come a nation with the world’s most celebrated air force has zero air firefighting capabilities and relies on outside help? Or, why … Read entire article »

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