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Shalit Deal – A Teaching Moment [1] DEATH OF THE “NO PARTNER” LIE

Israeli POW Gilad Shalit is finally back home after 5+ years in illegal solitary confinement. Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were also released, with hundreds more to follow. Many of them will not be able to return home like Shalit, and probably none of them are really free — being, still, under Occupation — but my best wishes and congratulations go to their families and to the Shalit family. To those released prisoners who still believe in violence, I wish them to come to their senses before they hurt others or be killed themselves. You will probably be shocked to discover that the MSM, in Israel too but especially in the US, is focusing on the wrong aspects of this prisoner-release deal, right? Right?! Duh. In this particular instance, we are fed … Read entire article »

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Works in progress: the partitions of Iraq and Palestine

Works in progress: the partitions of Iraq and Palestine

By Rela Mazali Works in Progress: – The partition of Palestine (most recently into Gaza Strip; East Jerusalem; West Bank) – The partition of Iraq In Iraq, the occupation is attempting “ethnic” partition. See: Statement issued this week (October 10, 2010) by the BRussels Tribunal, stating among other things, that, From the first day of the US-UK occupation of Iraq, the occupation began to undertake a series of measures, directly or through its local allies, to … Read entire article »

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