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Julia Chaitin: First They Came for the Boycotters

Instead of blogiating myself about the wonderful new “Boycott the Boycott” Law the democratic geniuses in the Knesset have just cooked up, I am crossposting what Dr. Julia Chaitin just wrote on her blog. Julia (bio) is a lecturer in psychology at the Sapir College in Sderot. She specializes in long-term social trauma, from Holocaust to Occupation, and on its healing. And she walks the walk, active on Bedouin rights, dialogue across the Gaza border, and on and on. Without further ado: ————————— As our democracy slips further and further into the Mediterranean, it is past time to wake up. The New World Order is upon us, and a sad one it is at that. First, there was the boycott law (see information on law and Association for Civil Rights response here). Then there was the … Read entire article »

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Major Israeli Theaters Embrace The Settlements (+BIG UPDATE)

Some cultural news from Israel: Several of Israel’s leading theater companies have agreed to perform in the new cultural center in the settlement of Ariel, due to open on November 8. The companies include the Habima National Theater, the Cameri Theater, the Be’er Sheva Theater and Jerusalem’s Khan Theater. Ariel lies 20km inside the West Bank, deeper than any other sizable settlement. The divided highway leading to it – the best road in the West Bank – is open to Israelis only, *and* lacks any signs naming the numerous Palestinian towns and villages flanking the road. According to Peace Now’s 2006 settlement land report, 35% of Ariel’s area was confiscated from private Palestinian owners by military fiat. The rest is public land. No patch of Ariel’s lands was rightfully purchased. Occupied Palestinians … Read entire article »

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