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Bibi, Obama and Israel’s A-Historical View of Itself

“It’s time to recognize this basic truth: Israel is not what’s wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what’s right about the Middle East.” I’m guessing this Bibi gem won one of those 29 Congressional standing ovations on Tuesday. Probably a facepalm – or laugh-out-loud – moment for many Israelis. Here’s our PM in plain view of the entire world, demonstrating in first person what is domestically known as the Ugly Israeli: a ridiculously arrogant, pushy, free-riding, zero-self-awareness caricature of a person. (For Americans, think about that rude sloppily dressed Yankee tourist barging into a vegetarian restaurant in India and demanding a hamburger.) Or as Carly Simon would put it: “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about YOU.” But seriously. Leaving aside the pitiful circus that Congress becomes when they do … Read entire article »

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Contact Obama to Cancel Tuesday’s Israeli PM Visit!

I wrote here some 40 hours ago, that Israel is determined to act as brutally and stupidly the UK did in 1947 when its troops stormed a Palestine-bound ship called “Exodus” and killed 3 passengers. But even I didn’t dream they would be this stupid, this brutal. As I write this, the IDF keeps changing versions about its act of piracy every few minutes. They still believe they can lie their way out of this one, too. You know what? They might. Because the Israeli strategy known as “Pissing from the High Jump” has worked so far. For about a decade, no one in the world that Israel cares to count, has dared put their money where their mouth is and force Israel to become a better (rather, less terrible) global … Read entire article »

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