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Al Arakib update: Four consecutive days of demolitions

From the Negev Coexistence Forum (NCF)

Last week brought four consecutive days of demolitions in Al Arakib. For the first time on February 9 we witnessed bulldozers clearly marked as belonging to the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL), destroying tents that had been erected overnight by the residents. The JNF can no longer claim to have no involvement in the repeated destruction of Al Arakib.

On the fourth day there were violent clashes between the residents and the police who responded with a heavy hand and resorted to the use of tear gas, pepper spray and sponge tipped bullets despite the fact that there were women and children in the crowd. Several residents were hurt with many refusing to go to the hospital. Three residents (including a youth) and three activists, including Gadi Algazi, were also arrested in the scuffle. The minor and three activists were released soon after, however, the two residents were detained and their hearing is set for today. All three activists were ordered not to enter the village for two weeks.

Many of the women and children continue to live in the cemetery which is still untouched and some returned to where the village formerly stood to rebuild temporary structures after each demolition.

The JNF is continuing to prepare the ground in the village for planting through building mounds of earth for the young trees, levelling areas and digging dams.

Following this week of conflict, the Negev Coexistence Forum in collaboration with the Recognition Forum and others held a solidarity visit in Al Arakib on Saturday, February 12. We enjoyed a strong turn out with approximately 150 people attending to show their support for the residents who continue to show their resilience.

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