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Their First and Last Day of School

Wajdan Abu Alian, left, and Dina Abu Rabia Photo by: Eliahu Hershkovitz

A school in Omer asks two Bedouin students not to come back after their first day of school. Omer is a suburban community near Be’er Sheva, an elite escape in Israel’s destitute south.

Of course the golden quote cannot be found in the English Haaretz article, only in the Hebrew one.

In the past I have allowed Bedouin students to study at my school with a presumption that if I give them the best possible education they won’t later give birth to 20 children. We invested in them a lot of money. Some persevered and excelled, others failed, because they could not keep up with the pace and the different mentality.

? Pini Badash, municipality mayor and former MK.

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