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Purim is Bad for Palestinians (and a positive update)

By Ofer Neiman.
Last night, three miles from my house, a settler Purim-fest which led to more violence against the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah. Here’s a short video:

The border policeman surely had no reason to hold his gun like that. He is facing women, children and some youths, all unarmed in the middle of Jerusalem. Not likely to happen in the western part of our “united” capital.

Today in Hebron: two Israeli peace activists arrested (unconfirmed reports) in the Shuhada street area, a formerly lively Palestinian area, closed to Palestinians since the Baruch Goldstein massacre of Purim 1994.
Here is some background on this protest.

But here’s some good news from the front-line of the anti-occupation campaign:

In a ruling touching on the status of the West Bank, the European Union high court said Thursday the disputed area is not part of Israel and Israeli goods made there are subject to EU import duties.

The ruling opens the door to EU import duties on Israeli goods from the West Bank rendering those products less competitive.”

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Ofer Neiman is an Israeli citizen residing in Jerusalem. He is a co-editor of the Occupation Magazine: He got his first political wake-up call reading Btselem reports as a teenager. Ofer has a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, teaches computer science and also works as a translator.

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