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Israeli Think Tank Drops “Sabotage” Language, But It Still Doesn’t Smell Like a Rose

 “What’s in a name?”  Shakespeare’s Juliet famously asks.  “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet …”  A related observation can be made about the word-changing antics of Israel’s leading think tank, the Reut Institute, in their policy report, “The Deligitimization Challenge:  Creating a Political Firewall”.   “Sabotage” (of global human rights groups) by any other name still smells bad.   Recently, Ali Abunimah spotted the covert revision on the Reut website:  Israel’s leading think tank the Reut Institute recently recommended that Israel’s government and intelligence agencies “sabotage” and “attack” peace and justice groups around the world that have been critical of Israel, as EI [Electronic Intifada] reported in February Reut was obviously embarassed by the wide exposure its underhand, and possibly illegal recommendations generated, so it has cleaned up its website. … Read entire article »

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Israeli Think Tank Says Global Anti-Occupation Movement Is The Problem; Sabotage Is The Cure

Reut Institute, a leading Israeli national security and socioeconomic policy think tank, has released its preliminary report on “The Delegitimization Challenge:  Creating a Political Firewall” In an extraordinary exercise in doublethink, Reut scratches its head over Israel’s declining diplomatic status in the aftermath of its assault on Gaza and the Goldstone Report,  and  concludes that,  yet again, it is the victim.  The culprits here are twofold: The Resistance Network – which operates on the basis of Islamist ideology and includes Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas; and the Delegitimization Network – which operates in the international arena in order to negate Israel’s right to exist and includes individuals and organizations in the West, which are catalyzed by the radical left. The Report’s analysis is drenched in the language of victimization:  the Resistance Network is “rooted in, … Read entire article »

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