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Mud and Hope in South Hebron

June 26, 2010   Bi’r el-‘Id There’s a strange beauty in the viscous black mud that comes up from the depths of the earth, from the bottom, or somewhere near the bottom, of the well we are cleaning in Bi’r al-‘Id. Bucket after bucket of it, lifted by pulley from down below, straggles to the surface, where we unload it and pour it out on the rocky escarpment. Its texture changes remarkably over the long morning hours from a watery top layer to heavy, shiny dark loam to a granular, sticky brown. It has a strong smell, like the sulphurous mud from the Dead Sea (not very far away) that people smear over their bodies for healing. Yehuda says the Palestinians of Bi’r al-‘Id should bottle it and sell it at the … Read entire article »

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Ezra Nawi goes to court tomorrow

Ezra Nawi goes to court tomorrow

Ezra Nawi goes to court once more. Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 3, the District Court will hear his case. There will be a solidarity protest outside the courtroom, starting at 1 pm (Israel time). You may recall that last year, Ezra was found guilty by  judge Eilata Ziskind of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s (Peace) Court of assaulting two policemen and participating in a riot back in 2007. On July 22, 2007, Ezra tried to stop a military bulldozer from … Read entire article »

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