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Songs by Ikhlas (“Yasmin”) Jebara from Salem – Part I

Villages Group friend Ikhlas Jebara from Salem near Nablus, had been mentioned here before under her nickname “Yasmin”. Her father Sa’el was murdered in 2004 by a settler as he was performing his daily work as a van driver (the settler was convicted but escaped justice). Ever since then, we have been in touch with Muna, the widow, and her children. Ikhlas, the second of six Jebara children, is blind from birth and has last year graduated college with an English literature major. She also writes poetry in English. Following is a first sampling of her poems; a second group will be posted later. Feel free to contact Ikhlas directly at —————————— To say or not to say I wonder whether to say or not to say To be enthusiastic to revolve or to obey For … Read entire article »

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