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Midnight raids continue, father of three taken from home.

From the Palestine Solidarity Project

Early Thursday morning, at approximately 2:00am, Israeli forces from the Gush Etzion military base came to the homes of brothers and National Committee members Yousef and Mousa Abu Maria. Both are also co-founders of the Palestine Solidarity Project.
Mousa, whose wife and baby girl–both Israeli citizens–were visiting family, was forced outside while his home was searched. 3 computers belonging to the Palestine Solidarity Project were taken. Yousef, father of 10 year-old Reem, 4 year-old Obay, and 1 month-old Della’, was also taken from his home in the middle of the night.

Both were held outside in freezing temperatures in Gush Etzion military base for over 5 hours; neither were allowed to put on proper shoes or clothing and repeated requests to be put inside were denied.

The soldiers, who have been harassing the committee of Beit Ommar for months now, including a previous late-night home invasion last month, accused both brothers of organizing the demonstrations in Beit Ommar, held every Saturday against the illegal settlements surrounding Beit Ommar, particularly Karmei Tsur. They were also “accused” of “bringing internationals” to Beit Ommar.
The brothers were also threatened if they did not stop the PSP program of reclaiming land in Saffa, this just days after settlers from nearby Bat ‘Ayn settlement set fire to Saffa land. In addition to Mousa and Yousef, two youth from Saffa were also arrested and released the next day.
The ongoing harassment and arrest of activists and participants in the demonstrations of Beit Ommar, and the confiscation of PSP equipment, has taken its toll on PSP’s limited finances. PSP covers the bail and legal fees of all Palestinians arrested at Beit Ommar demonstrations if they cannot be covered by the families. Please consider making a donation to PSP for our continued legal expenses.
See our ‘Donate’ page for ways you can help.

Here is a youtube of a Beit Ommar demonstration that Israel is so desperate to stop, complete with arrests of a child and internationals.
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