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Israeli Think Tank Says Global Anti-Occupation Movement Is The Problem; Sabotage Is The Cure

Reut Institute, a leading Israeli national security and socioeconomic policy think tank, has released its preliminary report on “The Delegitimization Challenge:  Creating a Political Firewall” In an extraordinary exercise in doublethink, Reut scratches its head over Israel’s declining diplomatic status in the aftermath of its assault on Gaza and the Goldstone Report,  and  concludes that,  yet again, it is the victim.  The culprits here are twofold: The Resistance Network – which operates on the basis of Islamist ideology and includes Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas; and the Delegitimization Network – which operates in the international arena in order to negate Israel’s right to exist and includes individuals and organizations in the West, which are catalyzed by the radical left. The Report’s analysis is drenched in the language of victimization:  the Resistance Network is “rooted in, … Read entire article »

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Time Magazine Weighs Risks of Israel’s Comfort with Status Quo

Time Magazine provides  an in-depth analysis by Tony Karon of the dangers inherent in Israel’s failure to move forward on a two-state solution,  the apartheid nature of the current status quo, the growing influence of Israel’s settlement movement,  and the need for a change in strategy by Obama and his international allies.   Another sign of mainstream media’s shift toward more honest discourse on these issues! For Palestinians, the status quo is desperate:  living under siege in Gaza or walled up in the West Bank as more and more of their land is gobbled up by Jewish Settlements.  For Israelis,  the status quo is comfortable indeed:  a booming economy, a vibrant westernized culture, and the Palestinian people out of sight and out of mind.  So why should Israelis care about changing the status quo? The Time article … Read entire article »

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